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We release a monthly economic update, a monthly topical article and a quarterly newsletter.

The monthly economic update, Economic Update, takes a look at the latest issues affecting local and international markets.

The monthly topical article, Keeping in Touch, looks at different areas of financial advice and provides useful information, including any updates and changes within the financial services industry.

Our quarterly client newsletter, The Key, keeps you up to date with the current hot topics in the world of financial planning and personal wealth management. Topics can include superannuation, investment, retirement, wealth protection through insurance, redundancy and estate planning.

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Market Wrap - December 2016

Download Market Wrap - December 2016

Market Highlights - December 2016

  • Global growth indicators continued to firm as inflation expectations rose
  • Share markets, particularly US small caps, staged a late recovery in the month following Donald Trump’s US Presidential victory
  • Investors continued to sell bonds with yields rising in anticipation of higher growth and inflation

Market Wrap - November 2016

Download Market Wrap - November 2016

Market Highlights - November 2016

  • Bond yields rise on higher inflation risks
  • Share markets moved lower as bond proxies such as REITs and utilities were dumped
  • The markets are pricing around 70% probability for a US rate hike in December


Keeping in Touch - November 2016

Download Keeping in Touch - November 2016

Planning for the year ahead

As the end of 2016 approaches, now is an excellent time to start thinking about your finances, and how you can get yourself set for the year ahead. 

Market Wrap - October 2016

Download Market Wrap - October 2016

Market Highlights - October 2016

  • Central banks continued to support investor sentiment
  • Share markets moved higher as bond yields remained low
  • The US Federal Reserve (Fed) kept rates unchanged in September



Keeping in Touch - October 2016

Download Keeping in Touch - October 2016

It’s often said that building financial wealth isn’t a function of how much you earn, but how well you manage it.

If you want to consider how to build your wealth, chances are you could use a little guidance, so here are some strategies that a financial adviser can talk you through to help you make the most of your hard earned cash.

Keeping in Touch - September 2016

Download Keeping in Touch - September 2016

Taking control of your (financial) future

For many women, starting again after being left widowed or divorced can be difficult and overwhelming. We look at how good financial advice can make a real difference.

The Key Newsletter – Spring 2016

Download The Key Newsletter – Spring 2016

Issue 52 of the latest market insights from Financial Services Partners includes:

  • What’s driving the volatility in the Australian dollar?
  • How the ATO’s new LRBA rules affect SMSF trustees
  • Further guidance on the $500k lifetime cap on nonconcessional contribution
  •  5 ways to build resilience

Market Wrap - September 2016

Download Market Wrap - September 2016

Market Highlights - September 2016

• Share markets moved higher as complacency rose
• Bond yields moved higher but central bank liquidity limited the rise
• Slowdown in Chinese industrial growth points to risks for commodity prices



Keeping in Touch - August 2016

Download Keeping in Touch - August 2016

Election update: how will your finances be affected?

Now that the election has been finalised, here we look at some of the new government’s policy changes that could have an impact on your financial situation.

Keeping in Touch - July 2016

Download Keeping in Touch - July 2016

Are you on track to enjoy your retirement?

For many people, the decision around when to retire can be one of the most exciting, yet daunting, times of their lives.

There are a number of strategies you can employ now, whatever your age, that may help you fulfil your retirement dreams.

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